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Keep The Horses Running

Bond and Megan

My very first wedding shoot, I couldn't have got to do it with a more amazing couple. From the moment I arrived I knew this day was going to be beautiful. The ceremony, The reception, the band and the donkey. It was a day that will be remembered for many many years thanks to the power of Video. Bond and Megan, Thank you for your trust and the opportunity to capture your special day!

Lovers Leap

Kelly and Callum

Callum and Kelly got married on a beautiful August day. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to capture the moments from the day! The location they got married on Callum had built JUST for the occasion and man was it ever a nice spot! They called it Lovers Leap and that name just carried on to become the title of Callum and Kelly's very special day. Congratulations you two!

Lovers Leap.png
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