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Lets make your next listing pop!

There is no doubt video is a strong tool when it comes to marketing, the same goes for your listings. I will come out to your listing, mic you up and help you with scripting and provide a classy walkthrough and edit it all into a nice package at an affordable price.


What Can WLM Offer?

Here is what we can offer you for your listing or Real Estate Business.

Basic Shoot - This involves just a "fly through" with the camera showing the listing in a smooth and elegant way. Drone included provided takeoff is permitted. Licensed music tracks are included.

Popular Shoot - We mic you up, come up with a script to not just sell the listing but also sell the lifestyle of living in that new home AND being your client. This also includes the basic shoot contents.

Marketing Content - As a realtor your listings are marketed with photo and video. But what about yourself? How do people know who you are and what it's like to be your client? How does the client know you are approachable? That, is where I come in. We set up a day once a month and we shoot 15 - 20 short and basic videos of you providing things like market updates, tips, tricks and local info. These videos are then yours to post on your social media for your potential clients to get a good feel for who YOU are.

Real Estate Samples

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