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Manzer Environtmental.

DIRECTOR / Kelsey Pelletier

Manzer Environmental in Peace River, Alberta contacted me for some promotional video but wasn't sure where to start. They knew what they wanted it for, and that is the important part. 

This video is quickly becoming one of my favorites. You see, The owner saw my work from a wedding of their friends that I had done a few months before and really enjoyed what I did. How cool is that?!

So here is how this worked out. We chatted a bit and decided field work would shoot the best with a bit of the office operations sprinkled in there. We set a date and the wheels were in motion. I usually like to script out voice over before shooting to help back up the goal but in this case we decided to shoot first and script after and boy oh boy did it ever turn out. I spent a couple days after tossing around ideas and what would sound best and reviewed the Manzer Website to finally have a draft ready to be voiced. I sent the draft to the client and they had a few changes but loved it! That's how I like it to work, I WANT the client's input. I will do the bulk of it, but at the end of the day I want the client to know they had a hand in each project they hire me for even if its making a few minor changes. Now, please don't confuse this with me wanting the clients to do all the work and I just hit record, no, I will do 100% of it because THAT's why I was hired. All I am saying is, I love it when the client can put their own little personal touch into the video that will be out there! 

MOVING ON! With the changes to the script made, I sent it off to my top Voice Over guy (Yes I have a guy for that, and he is DANG good!). Danny got back to me within a couple days with a near perfect read that just fit every second of this video (perks of shooting first). After adding the VO to the video, we all knew that we absolutely nailed this video. 

Manzer Environmental was an absolute pleasure to work with and I look forward to more opportunities like this and working together. Check them out at 

Thank you,


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