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Business / TRIPAK SuperLubricants

Working alongside TRIPAK Super Lubricants as their main source of video and photo content marketing has been an incredible experience. Farming and Agriculture, Motorsports, Trucking and Industrial, and Everyday vehicles have all been the target markets and we have yet to slow down. The video/photo content has helped boost numbers, traffic and brand recognition in a huge way. Working alongside their top tier graphic designer has allowed for some incredible marketing products. 

The ability to work with TRIPAK on almost a weekly basis has allowed for some incredible work to be created. 

More recently WLM and TRIPAK have been working closely to build a marketing package to be able to offer to potential, new and current distributors so that it is one less thing for them to worry about. They sign up to sell the product and we hand them a marketing/branding kit with options to keep things fresh and consistent with the brand and marketing feel.

I would like to invite only a limited number of brands to sign up the way TRIPAK has and work with White Lightning Media as if I was just down the hall in the same office.


Trust TRIPAK was a video created for the Farming and Agriculture markets directed at farming equipment. This was filmed during seeding on  a couple different farms in Northwestern Alberta. The video has gained traction  and has been used for many campaigns in the mid west United States that has in turn caused a great amount of growth. 


This tradeshow loop was created with content that has been gathered over the past couple years to this point. It was targeted to most industries and is used in the tradeshow booths to be played on the TVs in the background. It is also used to be played at distributors locations as marketing material.


It's not just promo videos that are created, we have worked on demo videos of the products, Talkshow type series based around the products and their uses and soon training videos for distributors so they can be trained and up to date on TRIPAK and their products. All these while staying on brand and on point.

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