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If you are looking to decorate your home and support an artist and his dream, here are the prints that I have up for sale. They are limited quantities in the prints so get yours quick!

The sizes and prices are as follows;

Canvas - 12" x 24" - $200.00

Canvas - 24" x 36" - $566.99

Photo Print - 12" x 18" - $55.00

Photo Print - 20" x 30" - $126.00

Photo Print - 30" x 40" - $189.00


Owls are symbols of wisdom. They listen and watch rather than make everyone hear what they have to say. This is probably my most memorable photo as I took it while going on a drive with my grandfather out in the woods. I have looked up to that man since I was a tiny little kid and have always looked to him as a symbol of wisdom and strength.

Mountain Whisper.jpg

Mountain Whisper

Where can a road take you? Sometimes I like to let it decide, no plan, destination, just let it take  you where you need to be when you didn't even know.

Hidden Society

So this name comes from a conversation I was having with my brother Max while driving through the ice fields. We thought, how cool would it be to find out there there is a society of people living within these GIANT structures we call mountains. Bigger than buildings, neighborhoods, city blocks... it doesn't make sense for that space to just be wasted with nothing... right????

Hidden Society.jpg

Bear Haze

While capturing a touching moment with one of my best friends, I paused and turned the camera on this low lying fog. Northern Alberta summers are something, they are appreciated so much more after the 14 months of winter we tend to go through. 

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